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ISPT The Final Word5264 views

Rob Yong
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Rob Yong
posted 6 years ago

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Well, 12 of the hardest working weeks of our lives is over, we are all completely exhausted - the headlines will say "€600,000 overlay" but there were many positives to come out of this event and we set the bar very high with only 12 weeks to go - let's have a final quick word at how things ended up Smile



Here is the breakdown of ISPT Wembley players by country;

United Kingdom 421
France 120
Italy 21
Germany 20
Belgium 13
Sweden 12
Portugal 11
Poland 10
Denmark 10
Spain 8
Ireland 7
Romania 7
Czech 6
United States 5
Norway 4
Netherlands 4
Austria 4
Russian Federation 3
Morocco 3
Canada 3
Lithuania 3
Malta 2
Israel 2
Finland 2
South Africa 2
Yugoslavia 1
Greece 1
Estonia 1
Croatia 1
Switzerland 1
Total Players 708
UK & Ireland 428
Europe 280
Re-Entries 53
Total Entries 761

When we commenced the ISPT project we had just 32 players into Day 2, at the time, I said 500 players would be a 'disaster' and 1000 would only be 'okay', so we have ended up somewhere inbetween. We qualified over 300 UK players into Day 2 at Wembley and spent over €300,000 on promotions and overlays - double our original budget. But, the fight was really lost when we only had 230 players turn up on the day and buy directly into Day 2 for €3000; with 6400 players in the Millionmaker $1500 event at the WSOP on the same weekend as the ISPT, it's not rocket science to see what ended up being the event of choice for the higher bankrolled players. If I could have £1 for every player that asked me, 'why did you clash this date with the WSOP...' (edit: ISPT booked Wembley 2 years ago and the WSOP Million Maker event was announced after DTD and ISPT had agreed a deal).



Rewind to the first trip to Wembley when I turned round to Nick and said 'are you sure this can be done?'. Well, we had just 20 hours to set up the Poker Village on the pitch, an amazing job done by everyone involved, here is Nick in the Bobby Moore room, running his plans for the Poker Village past Numpty.

Players were full of praise for the set-up, having a beer on the pitch at Wembley was a surreal experience for me, a brilliant job. Big thanks to Shane at Wembley, Bigger Events, and everyone else that worked so hard to make this happen. 12 weeks ago we had a blank canvass, I was worried whether a solution could be found that would allow players to experience the stadium whilst playing poker protected from the weather, sod's law, the weather was like the Caribbean anyway! 



After doing this for the first time, many good lessons have been learnt by all of us, but despite lower that expected numbers, ISPT Wembley was a quite brilliant poker event - thanks to everyone that supported it and sincere congratulations to Prosper Masquelier and his ISPT Team for finally realising their dreams of bringing a poker tournament onto the pitch at Wembley and getting into the Guiness World Records! 

What next for the ISPT? Our agreement was a one-off contract to operate, manage and gaurantee ISPT Wembley, but I believe ISPT have plans for other events around the world, I have heard talk of the O2 Arena in Prague and perhaps an event before World Cup 2014 in one of Brazil's stadiums. For sure I would love to play in any future ISPT events and also take some UK players with me. The problem with any event held outside of a casino in the UK is that you are not allowed to run cash games, a key revenue stream for any poker event organiser, I really hope the Gambling Commission will take a look at this rule because major events like ISPT do create jobs and bring in revenues to the UK.


Cheers and thanks again to everyone that supported us, Rob

PS. Mr Beevers - how would you like your £1000? Cry 


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Posted by Rob Yong on 6 years ago

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