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Off to UKIPT Edinburgh & Raf 'Late Reg' White bags a Sky UKPC seat!3891 views

Rob Yong
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Rob Yong
posted 6 years ago

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Hi thx - Here is a update on various bits and bobs/rambling going round in my head at around 5am in the morning, my body clock is totally all over place after all the travelling/late nights and everything that is going on over the next 4-5 weeks, I will try to give you a few lines on each of the main items on the horizon, so here goes:


UKIPT EDINBURGH “Direct Buy-In ONLY through PokerStars or DTD Shop if unable to do that"

After all the travelling for the last 6 weeks, I normally would not fancy another long trip; however it’s the UKIPT Edinburgh this weekend, one of my favourite cities. I liked the Balmoral Hotel last year but apparently the new UKIPT venue, The Assembly Rooms, is amazing. Jon ‘Skalie’ Kalmar is looking after our qualifiers. We have an agreement to support these UKIPT events as part of the UKIPT's at DTD and at 9pm Wednesday we have a 10 seat GTD £100 Mega Sat running specially for UKIPT Edinbrough.


Online qualifiers get 'final table and win bonuses'. The only slight fly in the ointment for last minute dot com poker players is that cash buy-ins are not accepted (this has always been the case in Edinburgh due to Gaming Laws) - players can buy-in on PokerStars client or if you are unable to do that - buy in via the DTD Shop (any problems at all with this please email nicola@dtdpoker.com - she will be very helpful), here is the DTD shop link to buy-in;


We have been running UKIPT sats for a few weeks so hopefully Skalie will have his hands full with plenty of DTD players.  


GPS NOTTINGHAM “It’s been a pleasure working with the card rooms’

‘Just’ 935 at the Genting Poker Series Nottingham, pretty close to the 1000, I thought we had all done enough to creep over the line, especially the efforts made by the Card Room’s across the Genting estate. With a 5 week run up, I think that’s a great achievement by everyone involved and if we had not been so ambitious with the £150 Side Event, which now holds the DTD side event record at 487, I think we may have made the 1000 in the main event. The eventual winner, Michael Richardson, qualified via a £40 live satellite at Genting Newcastle, I am sure Jim Brown, Assistant GM and Neil Harvey, Card Room Supervisor, will be over the moon that one of their players took home the title, and from a personal point of view, I was secretly hoping for one of the live satellite qualifiers to win after all the miles visiting the Genting venues and arranging the live sats. I have to say that Genting cardrooms have been absolute joy to work with on this project; they have actually given me a breath of fresh air (and Derby Genting Riverlights gave me the lighter above :)


GENTING UK & DTD "hoping to do more work together"

Following my GPS bounty tour and the live GPS Nottingham sat program - I am very much hoping that we can continue building mutually beneficial relationships with the Genting card rooms across the UK, without mentioning names as they are a shy humble lot, they do have some excellent card room managers competing head to head in some very tough markets. I feel we are a good fit working together because Genting do not have a poker room in Nottingham so we do not compete locally. I hope to announce live satellites for the Sky UK Poker Championships across selected Genting card rooms very soon – Genting qualifiers in these sats will be hosted by their very own Raf ‘Late Reg’ White who luck boxed a main event satellite while he was taking to me in Trickett’s Room! DTD will be promoting the upcoming GPS at Star City as part of Skalie’s Tour and online mega sats should be on our web site shortly.  



Thank you so much Sky for sponsoring this and getting behind this concept, the idea of having an “old fashioned week long poker festival” as well as a great main event is something that Simon Trumper has had on the planning table for a few years and Tony Kendal & Co have made this a reality by getting Sky Poker and Sky Sports onboard. Just checked their lobby and they have already qualified 82 players, and more importantly the awareness of this is already phenomenal due to the TV exposure that Sky have provided. We have a meeting on Wednesday to “cross the I’s and dot the t’s” and then big push will start with confirmed names being announced, details of the schedule including structures, here is the landing page and events page for the latest information;

Events Page http://www.dusktilldawnpoker.com/news/the-sky-poker-uk-poker-championships/2380

Landing Page http://www.ukpokerchampionships.com/



7th – 12th May will see the return of the UKIPT £1M to DTD, following on from the meeting above, I am meeting with UKIPT's Toby Stone, David Curtis and Kirsty Thompson this weekend to go through the schedule for Nottingham – we all want to get this out as early as possible and PokerStars have proposed some really exciting stuff. We have really missed this event in 2013 but obviously having 2 x EPT London’s in one year meant the sensible decision was to delay it. Well, its back and we will both have a clear 10 week run up to market and promote. 


FEBRUARY GRAND PRIX "Have we really done 10 of these?"

The 10th DTD Grand Prix is approaching full details here http://www.dusktilldawnpoker.com/news/grand-prix/2390. I remember the first one we did - €40K GTE and €50 buy-in, players thought that we had gone bonkers to try and get 800 runners, I had side bets all over the place that it was going to drill - ye of little faith. After the Supersized Grand Prix version we did in September 2013, we are back to our standard format of £100K / 2000 entries and less Day 1's, we have also taken away the 'merge stack option' - it will be 'take your highest stack through'. The GP is my favourite comp, and as long as this Feb one goes okay - we have plans to smash our biggest ever Grand Prix of 4936 entries and a £250K GTD later in 2014, as soon as know something concrete, I will update on here.


DTD MONTHLY DEEPSTACK "lets try and do it every month in 2014"

We think we have missed 5 monthly Deepstacks in since January last year, out 'trademark event' - on that basis we can hardly claim to hold them monthly. Various reasons - ISPT, loads of extra events in the calender etc. Our Deepstack is a different product to the 3 major tours - GPS, UKIPT and GUKPT, because it's a 2 day event that doesn't require players to take time off work, it's also an event where we often qualify 50% of the field though the club and online, so in reality we should be able to hold it once a month without worrying about the other tours and what else we get up to, so we will try in 2014. Its the event that 'our members' look forward to, we all agree it's important to get it back into a monthly routine and look after the nucleaus of players that want to play this month in and month out.


TD ONLINE CASH GAMES “Software problems....sorry”

We were forced to pull back on our online real names concept because of delays developing the Real Player HUD software to display names, photo and location when you are sat at the online table. We didn’t want to release something that wasn’t robust so our IT team are working hard in the background. This is very frustrating for me as its ‘my baby’, at one point we were getting 10+ cash games a night and doing some really cool promotions but on the basis the core concept is ‘player logs on, sits at table, sees his opponents’, we just have to be patient with the software development. I also really wanted this to roll out into our Online Day 1’s and our DTD sats. Annoying but it’s another one of those ‘keep the faith’ scenarios until we can fix the bugs.


CLUB OPENING "Monday and Tuesday from 24th Feb"

From Monday 24th Feb, we plan to be opening again on Mondays and Tuesdays again. With so many major weekend events on at the Club nowadays - we feel we should do this for our local players. We don’t have expectations for huge numbers on these days, just to put on a friendly local comp for those cold Monday and Tuesday nights. We will probably just do a couple of £5K XXL 25’s, they seem to be very popular on this weeknights with our local players, we can try and tweak and then ask the Monday and Tuesday players what they want going forward.

Cheers Rob & Numpty

P.S. We are more organised for 2014 http://www.dusktilldawncasinonottingham.com/club-calander.php

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Posted by Rob Yong on 6 years ago

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