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Apologies about online site, here is 50 x £250 seats compensation........... 3375 views

Rob Yong
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Rob Yong
posted 4 years ago

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Dear DTD members,

As a grovelling apology/compensation for all of the various online software problems we put you through over the last month, I have asked Nicola to put on a Loyalty Pennyroll this Thursday 3rd July at 7.30pm giving 50 x £250 seats away for this weekends £250 Deepstack. Late reg is till 8.30pm and the top 50 players can use the £250 seat in Thursdays's  Online Day 1 or Live Day 1's on Friday/Saturday. Nicola has done the banner below with the details of this;

I have had messages from people who can't find the Pennyroll - it is in the online poker lobby in the £250 Deepstack tab. Here is a screenshot, it's highlighted in red, real time screenshot on my laptop below :)

I realise this will not make up for all of the frustrations, it's a gesture from us to you, short of phoning every player up and apologising, I think this is the best thing we can do cause for sure...

There have been times in DTD's history when I have had to apologise to you all and then ask for your support going foward - we have arrived at another one of those times............

After this major upgrade of our online software, the online pain is actually now coming to an end, with almost all the bugs ironed out and we are heading towards business as usual.  Whilst we are known very much for being a live poker venue, our online site enables us to generate such large fields and therefore massive prizepools, without it we would wither and die. I understand from a players point of view it's been a very frustrating time, when you are sitting at home in your slippers trying to play a satellite but you can't register, deposit or your password has been wiped from the log-in screen and our support team can't resolve your problem straight away, it's tempting to say "screw DTD, I will play somewhere else", but we need you to be patient and forgive us.

The reason for all of the various online problems players have been experiencing is a big upgrade to the back end software. This upgrade has been more painful than anticipated but is the pre requisite for improvements in online security and fuctionality including iPad and mobile. Whilst we have been reliant on third parties to deliver this upgrade, the buck still stops with us, you are our customers and anything that goes pear shaped with our service to you is our fault.

Can I politley ask anyone who is still having online problems to contact our support team to get them sorted - we need you back on, especially with the Sky UKPC and WPT satellites coming up. Here is the support link http://www.dusktilldawncasinonottingham.com/contact.php, either use live chat or email us support@dtdpoker.com, ideally with a screenshot of your problem.

Your sincerely Rob

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Posted by Rob Yong on 4 years ago

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