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Every time you play real money with Dusk Till Dawn Poker, we reward you with Status Points. The more you play, the more status points you will be awarded. From 1st August 2013 you will also receive a points multiplier based on your VIP Level acquired throughout each month, this will then give you your DTD Points to spend.

How are Status Points Awarded?

For every £1 in Rake or Fees you will be awarded 1 Status Point

For every €1 in Rake or Fees you will be awarded 0.75 Status Point

For every $1 in Rake or Fees you will be awarded 0.65 Status Point

How can I move up VIP Levels?

For all your cash game and tournament game play at Dusk Till Dawn Poker you will earn status points. The status points will define which VIP Reward Level you are during the month i.e. earn 50 status points and you will reach VIP Level 5.

Each VIP Reward Level contains a points multiplier to every Status Point you earn giving you DTD Points, these DTD points can be used to buy in to all DTD online tournaments.

Name VIP Reward Level Points per Month Multiplier
VIP LEVEL4201.75
VIP LEVEL61252.25
VIP LEVEL82,0004
VIP LEVEL98,0005

Players can move up daily throughout the month, at the end of each month players will remain on the VIP level they have achieved throughout the previous month. The following month players will only move up if they better their VIP level achieved in the previous month, if players do not sustain the VIP level they started the month on, players will be downgraded on the 1st of the following month.

Only Status Points earned from rake contributed at a cash table or fees paid in tournaments count towards calculating your VIP Reward Level. Example -
What Happened to My Previous DTD Points?

On the 1st of August 2013 all current players DTD Points were automatically converted into the new values these will be worth exactly the same as the points players used to have.

E.g. Old balance 4000 DTD points currently worth £12.69
New points 126 DTD points worth £12.69

What are DTD Points Worth?

DTD Points do not have a monetary value and cannot be converted to cash, instead they are redeemable against online tournament buy in’s for live or online events and satellites. Players can buy into all DTD online tournaments using DTD Points instead of cash. See the online poker lobby for full prices (next to the buy in amount in description)

Do you Offer a DTD Points Bonus?

Yes players receive a bonus multiplier based on their VIP Reward Level. This is up to 5 times their original status points earned if you reach VIP Level 9. See How does the Multiplier Work section for more details.

Will my DTD Points Expire?

DTD Points will expire after three months of account inactivity. This means if you do not login to your account within three months, your points balance will be reduced to 0.

Terms and Conditions
  1. All players on creating an account with Dusk Till Dawn Poker will begin at VIP Level 1
  2. All players must have only one Dusk Till Dawn Poker account
  3. VIP Levels are adjusted daily based on points earned during that month
  4. All VIP downgrades will take place on the 1st of the month, these are based on the number of points earned in the previous month.
  5. Instant cash can be withdrawn from your account immediately, subject to the usual security procedures
  6. Points earned by the multiplier do not count towards your VIP level or redeemable bonuses.
  7. Poker Bonuses will expire 3 months after they have been issued
  8. DTD Points are accrued at real money games only. No DTD Points will be accrued at play money games or freeroll and point entry tournaments
  9. In cash games DTD Points are awarded for every hand a player is dealt into, providing the hand is raked and the player contributed to the pot by placing a bet or posting a blind
  10. In tournaments, DTD Points are awarded based on the amount of the tournament fee. For clarification, in a tournament listed as $10+$1, the $1 counts as the fee
  11. Points will expire after a period of player inactivity of 3 months, inactivity is determined as no real money cash or real money tournament play within the last 3 calendar months
  12. Active player points will expire after 12 months
  13. No other player reward program is valid, only VIP Points as detailed on this page is valid as a player reward scheme.
  14. Dusk Till Dawn Poker reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time.
  15. Dusk Till Dawn Poker reserves the right to review gaming logs at any time. Upon such review, if it appears that players are participating in strategies that Dusk Till Dawn Poker, in its sole discretion deems to be abusive then Dusk Till Dawn Poker reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such bonuses and promotions
  16. Dusk Till Dawn Poker reserves the right to change or end this or any VIP Points promotion at any time
  17. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Management will be final.
  18. General Dusk Till Dawn Poker T&C apply. E&OE
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