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To qualify for ISPT Wembley download at

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There are numerous ways to Buy-In to the ISPT Day 2's at Wembley with at least 50,000 chips. Please see below for the different methods of Buy-In (£2,600):

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ISPT Side Events Schedule

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Cash games from £5-£10 upwards will be held at The Palm Beach Casino, 24 hours day during ISPT Wembley. Complimentary Transport will available between the Palm Beach Casino and Wembley Stadium.
30 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8EH
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What is the Format for the event
Players have the option to play multiple live Day 1's at Dusk Till Dawn and/or online Day 1's on with a buy in of €300 (€270 + €30), the Online Day 1's will start with 5000 chips blinds commencing 10 20 ie 250 BB, while, as we don't have less than 25 denomination chips at the club the Live Day 1's will start with 50,000 chips and all levels also x 10 ie 10 20 becomes 100 200, Online when we get down to 10% the average will be 50,000 and the players will take their finishing stacks through to Day 2, when the live Day 1's reach 10% the average will be 500,000 so all remaining stacks will then be divided by 10 and that is what goes to Day 2 eg if a player ends with 1,000,000 they take 100,000 to Day 2.
What clock will be used?
Online Day 1's use a 15 minute clock, Live Day 1's will be 38 mins, Day 2 + 3 will be 60 mins, Day 4 + 5 will be 75 mins and the Final day 90 mins.
How does the Guarantee work?
We are using a standard payout. From the total prizepool collected, 20% will be paid to first place with any shortfall being added by Dusk Till Dawn to complete to the guaranteed €1,000,000, this leaves 80% for the remaining paid places unaffected. eg total prizepool €2,700,000, 20% = €540,000, Dusk Till Dawn add €460,000 and remaining 80% of prizepool €2,160,000 is paid to all the other players that cash.
What advantages are there to playing Day 1?
While a player buying in Day 2 starts with an average stack of minimum 50,000, a Day 1 player could build a much bigger stack, also if you end Day 1 with a short stack you have the option to forfeit it and play another Day 1, each time you enter a subsequent Day 1 your previous stack is forfeitted. Also as re entry is allowed from Day 2a to 2b you could play 2a, lose your chips and still try again.
What is the qualifying programme for Day 1's?
There will be hourly €2 feeders starting April 22nd on dusktilldawnpoker,com where you win €30 tokens to the weekly Mega Satellite commencing Sunday April 28th 8pm that has 200 x €300 Day 1 seats guaranteed. You can then choose whether to play your Day 1 live at the club or online, all unused €30 and €300 tokens will be credited to your online account.
When do the Day 1's start?
On Saturday May 11th 2pm we have the first live Day 1, followed by the first online Day 1 Sunday May 12th 8pm.
Will there be satellites direct to Day 2?
We are in negotiations to have live satellites where direct entry to the Day 2 of your choice will be available. These will be announced soon.
Are the Day 1's satellites?
No, although the format of this event is designed to attract all bankrolls, the Day 1's are definitely not satellites. The Top 10% of the field carry their stacks accumulated in their respective Day 1 through to the live Day 2 of their choice at Wembley. The payout will start at 2 x min cash which will be €540 equivalent to 2 x €270 Day 1 buy in.
Will deals be allowed?
Yes, we have decided to allow deals but these will be overseen by the Tournament Director (Simon Trumper) and would require an agreed amount to continue to be played for along with the title and trophy.
Can we re enter?
You cannot re enter on the same day but can play multiple Day 1's but if you have made the top 10% and are through to Day 2 you would forfeit your stack by entering a subsequent Day 1, you can also play day 2a either by choosing to take your stack through from Day 1 or by direct entry for €3000 (€2700 + €300) and if you get knocked out re enter into Day 2b.
What if it rains?
We are constructing a poker village on the pitch which will create a poker friendly environment and be protected from the elements, if there are any adverse conditions we are installing a dual set up and will move into the Bobby Moore stand that overlooks the pitch.
Will the final be on the pitch?
The intention is that as a minimum the first 3 days will be in the poker village on the pitch so players can walk out from the Bobby Moore stand down the steps and onto the pitch experiencing a view of the stadium usually only players ever get to see but it will then be preferable to move inside to combine the main event with the side events for both atmosphere and broadcast access.
Is smoking allowed in the stadium?
No, but there will be a dedicated area provided outside.
When will the money bubble be?
As 50% of the players at Wembley will cash from the minimum €540 up to the €1,000,000 first prize, we expect the bubble to occur on Day 3 Sunday.
How can I directly buy in to Day 2?
You can buy into day 2 for €3000 (€2700 + €300) the £ price is £2600 either via Dusk Till Dawn online, at the cash desk in the club or in cash at Wembley on the day.

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To qualify for ISPT Wembley download at

ISPT Wembley is the inaugral leg of the International Stadiums Poker Tour, this will be the biggest poker tournament ever organised in the UK with a first prize guaranteed at a minimum of €1 million. The event is licenced, operated and guaranteed by Dusk Till Dawn, ISPT Wembley's Official UK Partner. The tournament has two stages with the second being played on the pitch at the iconic Wembley Stadium commencing 31st May.

Stage one is played online or live. There will be seven Online Day 1's at There will be three Live Day 1's at the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club. Players can play as many Day 1's as they want until they have made it through to Day 2 where the top 10% of players from each Day 1 take their chip stack through to play live on the hallowed turf at Wembley. Day 1 players who get through to Day 2 will be joined by direct buy-ins to Day 2 who will have a minimum average stack of 50,000 starting chips for €2700+€300.

There are two Day 2's where all players have the option to play either Friday Day 2A or Saturday Day 2B; those that are unlucky enough to bust out of Day 2A have the option to re-enter into Day 2B for €2700+€300 and receive a 50,000 chip stack.

Satellites into the €270+€30 Day 1's will be running soon at!

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Our preferred Travel and Accommodation partner Main Event Travel will be able to help with any bookings for the ISPT. Please click the banner below to visit Main Event Travel and book your Hotel Rooms for the ISPT.

Main Event Travel

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To qualify for ISPT Wembley download at

Payout: 50% of the live players will get paid, min cash €540

You can view the Official Payout PDF here

You can view the Official Structure PDF here