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Multi Table Tournaments

Players can register for a Multi-Table Tournament within a set time period whilst the restration is open. Late registration is available for Multi - Table Tournaments. Players will pay a set amount to enter the tournament so will need available funds in their account.

Players can view information about the tournament before it starts in the Poker Lobby by clicking on the tournament information tab for a specific tournament. This information can include:

Players can view information about the tournament before it starts in the Poker Lobby by clicking on the "Multi Tourney" tab. This information can include:


If the tournament doesnít reach the Minimum number of entries by the start time of the tournament it will cancel, and any players registered will be refunded.

If late registration is available, the tournament status will change from 'Registering' to 'Late Reg' and late registration will remain open unless players reach the prizes within this time, on this occasion the tournament registration will close immediately.

Once the tournament starts, registered players will be seated randomly at a table. When a player has no more chips remaining they will be eliminated from the tournament (rebuy tournaments are an exception as players can buy more chips within an allocated time frame). Late Registrations will be allocated a seat randomly and as players are eliminated, the number of tables will reduce, and players will be moved table throughout the tournament.

The tournament will also be paused (usually every hour) to give players a short break.

Each tournament will have a set blind structure which will be relevant to the chips and clock given. The blinds will increase at regular intervals as each blind level is reached.

If a player sits out during the tournament, their cards will be folded on every hand. However, blinds and antes will continue to be forced into each pot until that player returns to the table.

The prizepool will pay out based on the prize structure in place for that tournament. Once registration closes the final payout structure will be announced. Prizes will be paid out in cash or tournament tokens if they have played a feeder or satellite for another tournament.

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