Dusk Till Dawn partypoker FAQs

1. Why has Dusk Till Dawn chosen to move to the partypoker software?

DTD has grown into the leading live poker brand in the UK. partypoker are one of the largest online poker rooms in the world and are fully committed to the UK market, sharing our ideology of working with the UK poker community to provide a level playing field and a healthy long term poker ecology, this presents a massive opportunity to re-energise the UK poker scene.


2. Will my current Dusk Till Dawn account remain active?

No, on February 19th Dusk Till Dawn will cease any activity on the iPoker network.


3. Does this mean I can play Dusk Till Dawn tournaments on Mac or mobile devices?

Yes, partypoker is compatible with most devices and has Android + Apple apps.


4. Will my current Dusk Till Dawn log-in details work on partypoker?

No, accounts will not move across between platforms. Players need to create a new account on this link.


5. What will happen to any cash in my current Dusk Till Dawn account?

Dusk Till Dawn accounts on iPoker will be inaccessible from February 19th. Please withdraw funds before that date.


6. What will happen if I fail to withdraw before the 19th?

If a player still has a balance post 19th February they need to contact DTD support, who will in turn contact iPoker Support and make arrangements for the funds to be withdrawn.


7. What will happen to any tokens my current Dusk Till Dawn account?

Your token will be available to spend at Dusk Till Dawn or on partypoker.

*If you have a £440 token for a third party event this will be cancelled at the closure of the current client and the equivalent value will be available to spend on DTD comps at the club where buy-in exceeds £100 (after February 19th)

8. What will happen to any points in my current Dusk Till Dawn account?

Points will expire, please spend them before closure.


9. I don’t have a partypoker account, where do I download the software and create an account?

The software can be downloaded and you can create your account on this link.


10. Who do I have to contact if I have issues with my existing iPoker account?

Dusk Till Dawn support will remain temporarily available for players who need assistance with their iPoker accounts.


11. I already have an active partypoker account, what do I need to do?

Nothing, the Dusk Till Dawn tournaments will become readily available for all players in due course.


12. I have a partypoker account I can’t remember the details for, what do I do?

Please contact partypoker support who will be happy to help you locate your account details.


15. Where will the Dusk Till Dawn tournaments appear in the software?

Dusk Till Dawn will have their own tab in the software. This will be available in the near future.


16. Can all partypoker players play the Dusk Till Dawn tournaments on the software?

Yes, the Dusk Till Dawn Tab will be available for all UK players.


17. Will Dusk Till Dawn be running Online Day 1’s on partypoker?

Yes, we will have the same capabilities to run Online Day 1’s.


18. Can I use my Seat Credit on partypoker?

Yes. Procedures have been put in place to make this possible.


19. Will I be able to deposit/withdraw from my partypoker account at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham?

Yes. The facility will be available ASAP.


20. I am self excluded from playing on partypoker, can I still play?

Your self exclusion agreement is with partypoker and therefore you will have to contact them.


21. How has the social responsibility limits changed?



22. Are there any promotional sign-up bonuses?



23. Can I still qualify for Sky/Pokerstars events held at Dusk Till Dawn?

Yes, you will be able to qualify to all the same events we currently run satellites for.


24. Will I be able to keep the same nickname?

This will be dependant on the nickname’s availability on partypoker. We cannot guarantee all nicknames will be available.


25. Can I choose which currency I use on the partypoker software?

Account currency can be chosen but we cannot alter tournament currency. These will operate as per partypoker’s exchange policy.


You can also refer to partypoker FAQ’s here:


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Posted on Tue, 3rd February 2015 by James Hall

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