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Satellite Winner Tokens

Tournament Qualification Rules - Overview

  1. All event, tournament and feeder tickets are non refundable and non transferable.
  2. Feeder and satellite tickets are valid for a fixed time normally for the target event only.
  3. Ticket validity can be determined by viewing the ticket in the 'My Tickets area of the software.
  4. Target event tickets are usually valid for the upcoming event only.

Event Seats

  1. Players can play online satellites for entry into specific events. These are issued as tournament tickets or entry to live event tickets. The prize will be displayed in the satellite lobby as TICKET or held at DTD club as a live entry ticket.
  2. If a player wins entry into an event via the satellite final they will either receive a ticket in their account immediately (check "My Tournament Tickets") or receive an email confirming their prize as Dusk Till Dawn Live entry tickets.
  3. To claim their entry players must either register their ticket into specific holding tanks (if a ticket is awarded.) OR visit the Dusk Till Dawn cash desk upon arrival and request to use their live entry ticket to buy into the event.
    Each ticket will have an expiry date, normally only valid for the target event.
  4. Once the expiry date has been reached the player will no longer be able to use that credit.

    ONLINE TICKETS cannot be split or used as part payment for higher buy-ins.

    LIVE ENTRY TICKETS must be used for the event specified in the confirmation email. If a player wins multiple live entry tickets and makes Day 2 on their first attempt the additional ticket is held at the Dusk Till Dawn Cash Desk for future events. Players can split unused live entry tickets/use it as part payment for any event where buy-in exceeds £300.
  6. Satellite seats are non refundable and non transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. Management reserve the right to change this without warning

Feeder & Satellite Tickets

  1. Players may play online feeders throughout the day for entry into the online satellite finals.
  2. If a player wins entry into the satellite final they will receive a ticket /direct entry for that specific satellite final.
  3. Each ticket will have an expiry, enabling players to use it for any satellite, of the same value within that time.
  4. Once the expiry date has been reached the ticket will no longer appear in the players account even if unspent.
  5. Please note - Most feeders are direct feed tournaments into a nightly final - these will state the prize as a SEAT and specify the next tournament it feeds into.

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