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Speed Poker

Speed Poker starts with a large pool of players. This is possible because of the huge iPoker Network which has players from all over the world.

Every hand you play you face different opponents on different tables. Playing like this is different as you don't always stick at the same table against the same players which mixes up the play and prevents people from getting to know how you play.

Unlike traditional Poker games as soon as you fold you speed onto another table, so there is no waiting around for a new hand to begin. This allows you to play upto 4 times as many hands per hour which allows you to maximise your poker winnings.

There are no waiting lists involved in Speed Poker and you can join the same game player pool upto 10 times.

How does switching tables work?

Speed Poker

Unlike most Tournaments where you see when you move table it is completely smooth and effortless. You won't even know that you have moved tables in most cases - it's that smooth!

The only transition you will see is when you fold a hand and new players come onto the table (visually speaking)

How do I find a Speed Poker Table?

All speed tables are marked with a green lightning icon and are display in all current views and table searches including Favorites and Quick Seat.

Speed Poker

Simply select which speed game you would like to Join and press Join Now.

Once you have joined the game, you can fold your hand using the Speed Fold button, this will then move you onto the next table quickly so you can play your next hand.

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