DTD Online Team Event

The Dusk Till Dawn Team Event is running on partypoker! 
The tournament is open to all partypoker UK accounts. Players must enter in Teams of 3 or 4.
The prizepool will be split 75% to the best placed teams & 25% to the best placed individuals.

To register please email glenn@dusktilldawnpoker.com with:
Team name, real name & username of each member (3 or 4 permitted).
The email sender will be nominated Captain unless specified.
Team Captains will be emailed the password to the tournament.
Please note all player's must be regged in advance, there is no late registration.

Dusk Till Dawn Online Team Event
Date: Sunday 1st November
Time: 5.00pm
Late Reg: No Late Registration
Buy-In: £20+£2 (per person)
Stack: 100,000
Clock: 8 minutes
Payouts: 75%/25% spilt in favour of Teams


A number of Teams will have added value bounty prizes on their heads!

Team partypoker
Represented by: Ludo, Roberto Romanello, John Duthie & a social media competition winner.
Each member of Team partypoker will have a free week of Monster Series Poker on their heads.
Eliminate a member of Team partypoker & win a ticket package worth $99 to the following Monster Series events.

Mon 02 Nov 6-Max KO Day 1A $75,000 GTD $11
Tue 03 Nov Rebuy $20,000 GTD $5.50
Wed 04 Nov 7-Max Day 1A $75,000 GTD $22
Thu 05 Nov Mix Max KO $20,000 GTD $5.50
Fri 06 Nov Turbo KO $30,000 GTD $11
Sat 07 Nov 8-Max KO Day 1A $200,000 GTD $33
Sun 08 Nov Deepstack $20,000 GTD $11
Total ticket package prize: $99

To read more about the Monster Series on partypoker please click here.

Team partypoker LIVE
Represented by staff members Nicola Veitch, Rachel Heneghan, Glenn Townsend & Jamie Kay.
Each member of Team partypoker LIVE will have a $55 CPP Online Sat ticket on their head.
Knock out a member of Team partypoker LIVE to win a free shot at qualifying for the $5M GTD Event.
Find out all about the CPP Online and how you can qualify here.

Team Dusk Till Dawn
Represented by Simon Trumper, Dave Allsop, Ryan Brodsky & Simon Wood.
Each member of Team Dusk Till Dawn will have a £55 DTD Online Super50 seat on their head.
There are two Super50 events each week as part of the DTD Online schedule.
See the schedule in full by clicking here.

The three best placed members of each team will contribute to their teams points.
A player's finishing position is their respective score apart from finalists who score minus points.
The team with the lowest points wins.

Final Table Points

1st -25
2nd -15
3rd -10
4th -5
5th -4
6th -3
7th -2
8th -1

Team A placed: 100th, 20th, 10th & 5th.
The player in 100th does not contribute.
20th & 10th score 20 points + 10 points.
5th place scores - 4 points.
Team A's score is 26 points (20+10-4).

In the event of a tie the team with the best placed individual takes the higer position.
Each member of a team of three will contribute points to their Team's score.

The payout will be split 75% to the best placed teams & 25% to the best placed individuals.

If 75 teams of four enter the prizepool is £6,000.
£4,500 will form the 'Teams' prizepool.
£1,500 will form the 'Individials' prizepool.

Example payouts to be confirmed.


partypoker Ludo Roberto Romanello John Duthie *PRIZE WINNER*
partypokerLIVE Glenn Townsend Nicola Veitch Jamie Kay Rachel Heneghan
Dusk Till Dawn Simon Trumper Dave Allsop Ryan Brodsky Simon Wood
LPPL League Poker Kim Deluchi Felicity Summers Angie Doherty Thomas Brady
3 Reds & A Pie Lee Smith Jay Smith Tracey Grainger Shaun Wood
8RoxCrew Luc McVeigh Valerie Bennett Chris Wilson Jordan Harris
Angie's Room 3 + 1 Colin Guthrie Richard Clarke James Lafferty Richard John Palser
Angie's Room Agronomies Malcolm Breakwell Dennis Henderson Jason Hayden Anthony Finn
Angie's Room The Boro Boys Shane Allan Phillip Baird Kris Anderson Lee Dennis
Apostle's  Isaac Barker Gareth Cresswell Oliver Braddock Daniel Jackson
Barrow Boys Paul Barradell Joe Barradell Luke Barradell Joey Johal
Bunch of Dogs Simon Dunevein Michael Corrigan Peter Gizzi Sarah Spillings
Cheltenham Aquatic Society Richard Cox Ian Edwards Steve Brinsford Kevin Dooner
CHICKEN BAKES Pak Chung Kwokwah Man William Cheung Phi Tran
Chinese Burns Leo Fung Michale Rettie Paul Johnson Robert Lawson
Crushers Nikki Potter Marc Daly Sean Rigley Rob Hoare
Degens Daniel Turner Tom Henson Devin D'Souza Stefan Savic
Donk it Off Perry Greenberg Paul Greenberg Scott Donovan Steve Mahoney
Dunkirk Oliver Barton Abdul Yafai Anthony Sharp -
Eastern a few Good Men Richard George Paul Lomax Ray McDermott Geoff McDermott
Eastern Lincs Old Guard Antony Blee Andrew Stott Mark Leverett Tracey Baggott
Eastern The 4 Mustgetsomebeers Roxanna Monaghan Ben Griffiths-West James White Claire McMullan
Espresso Quarantini Joaquim Tirach Lisa Yiasemides Aaron McBride -
Humber Pirates Mandy Coultard Andrew Coultard Derek Watson Derek Tizzard
Jonah and 3 Whales David Allen Rick Towler Callum Barlow Tim Barker
Lady & The Tramps Grace Barton John Leslie James Lee Chris Norfolk
Manager's Decision Is Final Daniel Bell Tom Cresswell Andrew Martin -
MK Donks Dean Robb Robert Adams Matthew Gregory Troy Wood
NCPB Philip Hall Adam Foad Scott Hall Thomas Parker
Ninja Turtles Ben Kett Tom Simm Vinnie Mohan Andy Wool
North East Top Dogs Peter Cook Shane Cook John Nixon Sean Weldon
North West Ey Up Cockers Shane Pollington Simon Manning Ryan Pearson Mathew Huby
PartyPPoopers Rickie Silcock Luke Anderson Richard Stocks Liam Fountain
Poker Team Andrew Sale Daniel Treacy Adam Schober Ryan Elliot
Pokermasters UK David Leyland Marie Jolly David Lach Gareth Rickhuss
Random Sims Mark McCluskey Paul Allen Andrew Aspinall Chris Cunliffe
Santa's Little Helpers Michael Burn David Lindley Elaine Ellis Damian Walters
Scotland The Brave Gavin Robert Doodson Dylan Doodson Ian McGoldrick Mark Fullarton
South West FPG & YESS POKER Stephen Thomas Malcolm Brewer Graham Cross Alan Crowe
South West PTSD Terry Evens Robert Davies Peter Berry Paul John Shillaber
Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy Mark Roberts Brad Simpson Stewart Kilpartrick Lydia Cugudda
Team FairPlay Maz Maszlag Paresh Patel Allen Tatton Dineshbhai Patel
The 4 Moistketeers Gareth Williams Neil Sillick Samuel Belsham Stuart Toogood
The Hunter's Scott Walters Romain Champy Jon Price Michael Leonard
the khateeks Nadeem Nazir Waseem Nazir Rizwan Ghazanfar -
The Lockdown Crew  Daniel Weaver Peter Wigglesworth Marian Gyori Graham Pound
The Magpie Kings Kyle Gaskell Liam Hallard Matthew Rayner -
Tickle my Radford Christopher Radford Mark Radford Lee Tickle Antony Swain
We Don't Do Knickers Cheryl Barrows Ellie Cooper Andrew Bak Patrick Palmer
Wildcats Stephen Ralph Andrew Robinson Paul McAleer Paul Romain
Yellow Donkeys Luke McFarlane Denis Caunce Nicola Caunce Leanne Robbins



Terms & Conditions

1. Standard Dusk Till Dawn, partypoker & partypoker LIVE terms apply.
2. This tournament and any subsequent promotions are open to all UK partypoker account holders.
3. The Dusk Till Dawn Online Team Event runs at 5pm on Sunday 1st November 2020 on partypoker.
4. Teams may consist of three or four persons.
5. Teams must register and receive confirmation by 12 noon on Sunday 1st November 2020.
6. Additions and amendments submitted after this time may not be considered.
7. Team names & team member real names will be displayed on this webpage and Dusk Till Dawn Social Media channels in the build up to the event.
8. The Tournament will be a real name tournament in the partypoker client.
9. The password to the tournament will be communicated to all Team Captains.
10. In the event an individual or individuals register with no team they will NOT be eligible for the 'Team %' of the prizepool.
- They will still be eligible to win prizes from the 'Individual %' of the prizepool.
11. If a team registers in advance with three or four members & two or less play then the two registered will not be eligible for the 'Team %' of the prizepool - there is no latr registration on the tournament.
12. A player's finishing position is their 'points score.'
13. The three best placed individuals from each team contribute to their Team's score.
14. If a team has four members the lowest ranked member will not contribute to their Team's Score.
15. If a team has three members all three contribute to their Team's Score.
16. All payouts for this tournament will be made manually up to 48 hours after tournament completion.
17. Any prize money won from the 'Team's %' of the prizepool will be split equally between all registered Team Members.
- If Team A wins £1,200 and has four members each will receive £300.
- If Team A wins £1,200 and has three members each will receive £400.
18. Any prize money won from the 'Individuals %' of the prizepool will be paid to the respective individual.
19. While we understand this is a Team Event we reserve the right to disaqualify any persons or teams who breach partypoker's Terms & Conditions.
20. Management reserve the right to amend, change or cancel this tournament, and any subsequent promotions, at any time.
21. Manager's decision is final.
22. Errors and Omissions Excepted.


    BUY-IN FOR £5.50



    1st Nov 2020