DTD Cash Game Week

DTD Cash Game Week

Our Cash Game Week runs from 25th-29th January with £15,000 IN GUARANTEED CASH GIVEAWAYS including a JACKPOT RAFFLE and the chance to take a seat with £1,000 on our Feature Table.


Across the week all players sat at Cash Games could be randomly drawn to win a £100 cash prize or £1K Feature Table sit down.
Check out the draw times and prizes below:

6PM - - - £100
8PM £100 £100 £100 £100
10PM £100 £100 £100 £100
11PM £100 £100 £1K SIT DOWN £1K SIT DOWN
12AM £100 £1K SIT DOWN £100 £100
1AM £100 £100 £1K SIT DOWN £1K SIT DOWN
2AM £100 £100 £100 £100


On Sunday 29th January our JACKPOT RAFFLE takes place. Players can deposit their collected raffle tickets to win prizes ranging from £500 - £2,000.
Raffle prizes are drawn through Sunday evening from 6pm - 11pm.

9PM £500 CASH
9.30PM £500 CASH
10.30PM £1K CASH

Players can earn Jackpot Raffle Tickets from 26th December 2022 by:
- Taking part in a Cash Game.
- Playing a Cash Game within an hour of opening.
- Being seated at a Cash Table at 2AM.
- Being drawn to spin the Cash Spinner Wheel.

During the Cash Game Week (25th-29th January) players can earn tickets by:
- Taking part in a Cash Game.
- Playing a Cash Game within an hour of opening.
- Being seated at a Cash Game every two hours from 8pm. 

Players are issued physical raffle tickets which they must retain & deposit the stubs in the Jackpot Raffle drum on 29th January before 6pm.
Players are advised to write their name/initial and date of birth the back of their ticket stubs and retain the other section.


All prizes labelled £1K SIT DOWN give the winner a £1,000 cash sit down at our Feature Cash Game Table on Sunday 29th January (8.30pm start).
The £2/£5 game will take place on our state of the art Feature Table with additional bonuses for players that compete.
Bonuses include: first player to win three hands in a row - £300, biggest winner in the game - £250, first player to lose their £1,000 buy-in - £250.
The 7/2 game (£25 per player) and button game (£10 per player) will also be in play too, ensuring maximum entertainment.
Players must play for a minimum of two hours before they can cash out.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Standard Dusk Till Dawn Terms & Conditions Apply. 
  2. Standard Cash Game Terms & Conditions Apply.
  3. This promotion is open to all Dusk Till Dawn Cash Game players from December 26th 2022 to the completion of the Cash Game Week at 4am on Monday 30th January 2023.
  4. During the Cash Game Week the Dusk Till Dawn Cash Game, Cash Spinner, promotion will be suspended.
  5. Added value Cash Prize Draws and Jackpot Raffle funds are seeded from the existing Dusk Till Dawn Cash Spinner promotion.
  6. All Cash Games contribute to this promotion.
  7. £1 is taken from qualifying hands on all games. 
  8. The prize draws will take place in house by the Cash Game Management Team at the specified times.
  9. A player must be seated in accordance with DTD Cash Game rules to be eligible.
  10. If the seat selected is vacant on the random draw another draw takes place until a winner is selected.
  11. Physical Jackpot Raffle Tickets are issued to eligible players. These are the players responsibility.
  12. Players can initial/name their own tickets if they wish.
  13. Players are invited to enter their ticket into the Jackpot Raffle drum on Sunday 29th January before 6pm.
  14. The Jackpot Raffle Draw will take place from 6pm on Sunday 29th January.
  15. Jackpot Raffle Ticket holders must have played at a Cash Table on the day the draw takes place, or be on a waiting list, or have played that day's Dusk Till Dawn tournament/s.
  16. If a ticket is drawn and there is no claim after 15 minutes a redraw will take place.
  17. Cash Prizes will be paid in Dusk Till Dawn Cash Value Chips.
  18. Players who win a £1K sit down must use it in the £2/£5 NLHE feature game at 8.30pm on Sunday 29th January.
  19. Players who win a £1K sit down must play the feature game for a minimum of two hours.
  20. Prizes won are final.
  21. Any player who seeks to, or is seen to, abuse the nature of this promotion, will be removed and may have their prize/s forfeited.
  22. Errors & omissions excepted
  23. Management reserve the right to remove, alter or amend this promotion at any time.
  24. Management decision is final.